Cafe project bike – next phase

Some kind of nature
Some kind of retro racer
The classic and often over looked CBX 750 has really gone through some major transformations and now looks more like an aggressive stanced street racer! The rear end is now approx 7 inches shorter and sits much higher thanks to the new rear sub frame, chopped and reshaped fairing and a stiffer rear shock. Add to that some very neat aluminium work to house the new slim line battery and aluminium plate where the once ugly plastic mud guard used to reside and this bike now looks like an altogether different beast from the east when viewed from the rear. For now the front forks have been pushed through to drop the front end approx 3 inches but a set of aprillia forks have already been purchased and are being prepared to improve the front end further still.
The custom seat pan has been wrapped in some leather by the talented Ashley over at unique furniture with the nice added detail of a SKON embroidered label.
Lots more mods and updates coming soon as the bike is back on the bench over at NP motorcycles as I type this.