Some Kind of Nature Presents

A series of short films giving you an insider look at our weekend rituals in the search of dirt.

Finding good riding spots in the UK is hard work. Some of the limited UK tracks are pretty rad but too often we arrive after a couple of hours in the truck to find them either closed due to unsuitable conditions or far too crowded!

Being a truly passionate biker in the UK isn’t for the faint of heart! Dealing with our unpredictable weather means we’re a determined bunch! Come wind, rain, or snow our dirt bikes will be coming out to play.

Because the tracks can’t always be relied on and because we like to vary our playgrounds, we often search out plots of abandoned land or industrial wasteland to explore and carve our own tracks to race! Welcome to SKON TRESPASS.

Disclaimer: we do not encourage breaking and entering, do your research, avoid public dog walking spots and stay safe!