What is a Cafe Killer?

Do we dislike the cafe racer scene? Not at all! We respect the true roots of the scene and enjoy the bike builds we now see attached to that revival! But this scene has been hijacked for commercial purposes by people with no real love for the bikes! Or indeed even riding! They’ve turned into a hipster fashion accessory!

Our cafe killer title signifies our approach! This is real and we ride these bikes how they were intended, to the redline and tucked behind the fairing!

These machines were a part of our formative years! Our dreams and walls were filled with 80’s & 90’s two-wheeled assassins! It was inevitable, why fight it!? Accept fate and get on board! Ride those dream bikes you longed for!

But don’t stop there! Progress it further, take those machines you would cut from magazines and improve them, modernise certain aspects to increase performance but always retain that retro styling we hold so dear! Make them true cafe killers! Bikes with one purpose! To be ridden fast! ridden with style! SKON style!